A Beginners Guide to Meditation

by Jacqueline

A few quick and easy steps for peace and quiet

Meditation is the perfect self-care act because it requires nothing more than yourself. Its sole purpose is to train the mind to concentrate on one’s own consciousness with only a few minutes each day. The practice promotes serenity, equilibrium, and calmness, which are all great for reducing stress and anxiousness. Meditation techniques vary across spiritualities and preferences. So, we’ve gathered up some foolproof steps to make the most of your first meditation session. 


Commit to the time

This is probably the hardest step. Taking a break from the flow of our days can feel intrusive but trust us, you deserve it! There are plenty of guided and timed meditation sessions if you’re using apps, but a calendar reminder or timer will work just fine.


Find a comfortable space

Maybe you’ve got a quiet corner at home or a favorite cozy rug. Honestly, you can meditate while you’re still laying in bed with your silk eyemask on each morning. Wherever it is, find a space that’s dedicated to you-time. It is super important for checking in with your mind and body that yu’re somewhere where you feel safe and comfortable.


Get ready to let it all go 

Ease into meditation with some grounding exercises. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. (You know the ones. In through your nose, out through your mouth.) With every exhale, let go of whatever you’re holding onto about the day ahead or the past. Let each inhale heal you. As you go on, there’s no need to control your breath. You’ll settle into your natural breathing pattern. 


Focus on being mindful

A common misconception of meditation is that you should strive to think about absolutely nothing. Rather, mindful meditation is about coming to terms with what you’re feeling without overthinking it with judgment, daydreams, and other usual distractions. One quick and easy technique for this practice is the body scan. Identify what you’re feeling from head to toe. Then, release pressure where necessary and fill in any aches with your breathing. 


Reel it back in 

When you find your mind wandering, hold yourself accountable for reeling it back in. Start from the top, again, focusing on your breath and checking in with each of your five senses. If you need to, run through another mental body scan. 


We have all day to think about all the things we’ve done or have to do, what we’re feeling and why etc. The few minutes you pay yourself back for all the thinking you do are meant to be spent in total relaxation, where your only focus is your being. Commend yourself for making it through your first session, even if it was for a short amount of time. Longer sessions come with practice!

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