Catching Zzz’s In a Noisy Home

by tingjiewang

When silence is no option, a deep sleep still is.

Whether you live in a big city, in a flat full of roommates, or next to your snoring partner, resting in a noisy environment can be difficult. Noise has a big impact on the quality of sleep we get each night. Sleep studies all agree the quieter, the better. But when silence is no option, fret not, deep sleep still is. 

Keep it cool
A good quality sleep requires more than just silence. The best sleep is achieved in a dark, cool climate. You can limit the interruptions to your sleep by ensuring your bedroom promotes aa tranquil a vibe as possible, despite whatever else is happening in your surroundings. By wearing an eyemask and sleeping in super soft sheets, you can be sure that you’ll be well equipped for restful bliss. The only thing left to tackle is the noise. 

Absorb the noise
Adding noise-absorbing pieces to your space, like area rugs, blackout curtain panels, extra pillows, or throw blankets, will help to reduce how far and how loud noise travels in a room. The acoustics in a space can be minimized by fabrics and furniture. These are cozy and aesthetically pleasing solutions to more industrial sound-proofing mechanisms like foam wall panels.

Play soothing sounds
Drowning out noise with more sound might sound chaotic at first. But actually, turning to ambient sounds, white noise machines, or other soothing music can be helpful in reaching a state of calm to sleep. Doing so will help you focus on sounds that relax you rather than those that annoy or distract you. 

Plan ahead
Prepare for a deep sleep ahead of time by implementing things like working out, sticking to a schedule, and eating healthy meals throughout the day. Exercise and structure are good for training your mind and body in any case, but if reaching a deep sleep is difficult because of noise pollution, these tips are especially important. They will aid your mind and body into relaxation. An exhausted body is better for sleep than a restless one. 

Go for something classic
Ear plugs are the old school way to block out noise. They offer a quick, reliable, and efficient solution to quieting a loud environment. They can be so good, in fact, it may be hard to hear the alarm in the morning. So, opt for noise cancellation carefully. 

Practice meditation
Take yourself to a zen paradise with easy-to-do meditation techniques from the comfort of your own bed. Deep breathing exercises, visualization, and counting backward from 100, for example, can help relax your body and transport your mind out of your noisy reality.

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