15 Stunning Lantern Table Lamps to Brighten Up Your Space

by tingjie wang

A table lamp may do a lot more than just provide light in your space. The appropriate light may complement your decor or give it a distinctive touch. A table light in the shape of a lantern is no exception.

lantern table lamps

Lantern table lamps have a lantern design in some way, whether it's in the lamp's base or in the light fixture at the top. Lantern-style table lamps may be used to create a warm and inviting environment while also enhancing the room's decor.

Continue reading to see some of the fantastic lantern table lamps we've discovered for you!

lantern table lamps

White Lantern Table Lamp

White lantern table lamps work well with a variety of design elements and give a place a fresh, clean vibe. To demonstrate how adaptable these lamps are, look at these three samples.

1.Seahaven Coastal Lantern Lamp

Coastal Lantern Lamp

Each of the two lamps in this set features two lights. The main light fixture is the top light, and a night light is included in the lantern base. Clean and bright, with rope embellishments to match the seaside aesthetic of the lanterns, these antique polished lights are clean and bright. These would look great in a beach house living area or in a bedroom with a more conventional yet relaxed decor motif.

2.LED Lantern Table Lamp

LED Lantern Table Lamp

The base of this lamp is a silvery-white lantern that also serves as a night light. It also contains a USB connector for charging phones and other electrical gadgets, which is a pleasant surprise. This table lamp would be ideal for reading near a comfortable chair, or as a bedside lamp to eliminate the clutter of wall chargers.

3.Seahaven Ship Lantern Table Lamp

Lantern Table Lamp

This pair of lamps takes inspiration from antique ships, reproducing their lanterns as the basis. Each lamp features a primary light source on top and a night light at the bottom. The antique white finish and white linen shade are ideal for creating a relaxed atmosphere in a space. These may be used in a living area to provide both reading light and a soothing atmosphere at night.

Paper Lantern Table Lamp

Paper lantern lights are inspired by the Orient, with the classic paper lanterns serving as the light source. These lamps, whether in the form of a screen or a paper lantern cover, will bring a soothing glow to your room.

1.Rice Paper Lantern Table Lamp

Rice Paper Lantern Table Lamp

This lamp is fashioned from mulberry paper from Korea, which is utilized for both the lampshades and the base. The three lanterns are connected by a flexible line that allows the user to adjust them, and there is a switch with three brightness settings, making this a highly user-friendly lamp. This would be ideal as a reading light in a living area or as a desk lamp in an office.

2.Sakura Flower Paper Lantern Lamp

Sakura Flower Paper Lantern Lamp

As a light shade, this lamp employs paper screens stretched across a wood frame. The screens are made of Saa paper and have a gorgeous Sakura tree motif screen printed on them. This is a lovely and fragile light that only weights a few ounces and takes special attention to assemble. It would look excellent on a hallway table or in a bedroom as a dim light.

3.Rosewood Shoji Lantern Table Lamp

Rosewood Shoji Lantern Table Lamp

The fiber-reinforced pulp paper shades are stretched over a hardwood frame in this lamp, which stands little over 2 feet tall. The light is turned on and off using regular light bulbs and a wheel switch. At 7 pounds, it's pretty solid and would look great in a living room or home office.

Moroccan Lantern Table Lamps

The Moroccan-style lanterns in these lamps are made of a mix of glass and beads, resulting in a vibrant appearance. These can be solid or colorful, and the patterns frequently include flowers. Take a look at the three stunning lights below that showcase this unusual design!

1.Swan Neck Moroccan Lantern

Swan Neck Moroccan Lantern

This handcrafted lantern table lamp is available in a number of colors. This may be difficult to read depending on the color you chose for the lanterns glass design, so keep that in mind if you want to use it for that. It does require some assembly, but it's a simple procedure that's well worth it for the beauty it will provide to your space. This would look great in a corridor or bathroom as a night light.

2.Triple Lantern Lamp

Triple Lantern Lamp

This lantern light is available in 16 various colors and designs, each with beautiful hues and designs for the lanterns. This is a 2.5-foot tall handcrafted table lamp with a lovely antique finish on the metal base. Each lantern requires an E12 chandelier bulb, so make sure you get the proper one while shopping. In your living room or entryway, use this as a discussion starter.

3.Moroccan Egg Lantern Lamp

Moroccan Egg Lantern Lamp

The egg-shaped lantern table lamp above features a vibrant and colorful glass design. This, like the other two, is made by hand, making it a genuinely unique piece. Because the light from this lamp is faint and shattered by the glass fragments that make up the floral design, it's best utilized as a corridor light or an accent lamp rather than a room light.

Rustic Lantern Table Lamps

These light types include hurricane lamps and carriage lanterns. Distressed finishes add to the raw effect that is so fashionable in today's home décor. Metal and wood combinations are common with these designs, and distressed finishes add to the rough aspect that is so popular in today's home decor. Each of the lamps listed below would look great in any rustic setting!

1.Vintage Camping Lantern Lamp

Vintage Camping Lantern Lamp

When coupled with the burlap lamp shade, this rustic hurricane lantern is composed of iron and has a rusty metal finish that characterizes its form. This lamp is on the tiny side, so it's more appropriate for an entryway or corridor than an end table in a living room.

2.Lumberton Carriage Lantern Lamp

Lumberton Carriage Lantern Lamp

This lamp's carriage lantern base exudes old-world charm, making it an excellent choice for a rustic design scheme. This lamp's late 19th/early 20th-century replica's copper finish further adds to its allure. This lamp is quite adaptable, as it has a primary light bulb at the top and a night light in the lantern at the base. It can easily be used in living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices.

3.Wooden Lantern Table Lamp

Wooden Lantern Table Lamp

This table lamp has a lantern aspect to it, yet it still delivers lots of light and a warm, inviting environment. The lantern's combination wood and metal cage is stunning, and the antique finish on this light epitomizes the word "rustic." This would look great on a side table in a living room or study, or as a light in a dark corridor or doorway.

Industrial Lantern Table Lamps

Lanterns in the industrial style include metal wire or glass shades and a basic design that allows plenty of light to shine through. These lighting are perfect for this look!

1.Cage Shade Lantern Lamp

Cage Shade Lantern Lamp

This lamp stands 2 feet tall, enabling the lantern's metal wire cage to dangle from an elegant neck. Its metal design and Edison bulb make it ideal for an industrial-style space. This lamp's brightness can be dimmed, but you'll need to buy a dimmer separately. In a living room or study, this light would be ideal.

2.Industrial Lantern Night Light Lamp

Industrial Lantern Night Light Lamp

This lamp would look great on a bedside table or in a living or study room. A four-way switch on the lamp may be used to turn on both light sources, the main light, or the night light. The bronze finish, natural shade, and Edison bulb combine to produce a stunning lamp with an industrial look that isn't as harsh as other black metal industrial lights.

3.Arching Glass Lantern Lamp

Arching Glass Lantern Lamp

This light works well in an environment that incorporates both minimalism and industrial design elements. The Edison light bulb and glass shade are symbolic of industrialism and would provide a powerful light source in a study.

Like Lantern Table Lamp?

If you enjoy lantern lights and wish to utilize one in a room in your house, any of them would be perfect. No matter what design style they follow, lanterns are a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and you can't go wrong with them as part of a lamp!

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