Meditation Orgonite Crystal Pyramid

Meditation Orgonite Crystal Pyramid

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Scenes to be used:

Why choose Meditation Orgonite Crystal Pyramid ?

Orgonite is another term for Chi, Ether, Prana, or Life Force. The Meditation Orgonite Crystal Pyramid, on the other hand, is a resin composite with metals and crystals stacked in a pattern. The Meditation Orgonite Crystal Pyramid is one of the most well-known things for its potential to convert negative energy to good energy, therefore balancing the spiritual, bodily, and emotional bodies.

The Meditation Orgonite Crystal Pyramid is created by combining metal shavings and crystals with a resin composite. The resin composite shrinks throughout the curing process, irreversibly compressing the quartz crystal in later 1, resulting in a piezoelectric action inside the crystal.

Meditation Orgonite Crystal Pyramid are gorgeous and have therapeutic properties. They have a powerful ability to bring a person into healing harmony and positive life balance.

How do you use the Meditation Orgonite Crystal Pyramid ?

Though there are other methods for using the Meditation Orgonite Crystal Pyramid, I found this technique to be more enjoyable.

Begin by meditating with the Meditation Orgonite Crystal Pyramid. Your whole focus should be on the Orgone Pyramid and the energy that emanates from it. The goal here is to strive your hardest and feel the pyramid rather than seeing it.

Another critical part is communicating your purpose to the Meditation Orgonite Crystal Pyramid. Every object, from subatomic particles to huge solar systems, has a conscience. Talk to the pyramid aloud or in your imagination as if you were chatting to a long-lost friend. Whichever of the two makes you feel most at ease. The goal here is to link the mind with the pyramid and gain access to the object's healing abilities.

Request love, healing, and light for yourself and the people around you. The Meditation Orgonite Crystal Pyramid likes being recognized and appreciated, and it sends you extra love. Breathe in the healing energy and feel it flow from your nose to other areas of your body, healing the body, soul, mind, and emotions.

The Meditation Orgonite Crystal Pyramid is portable and may be kept in your workplace. The advantages of the Orgonite Crystal Pyramid are spread throughout its surroundings. This manner, you may make your workplace more welcoming and enjoyable.

Orgonite Crystal Pyramids are stunning artworks with incredible therapeutic abilities. I'm convinced that after you receive your crystal, it will be the beginning of an incredible Orgonite Crystal Pyramid collection!

What you’ll get:

1. Tree of life Orgone Pyramid: The Tree of Life The significance of the tree of life as a spiritual symbol is that its branches spread to the sky and its roots go deep into the ground, and the tree of life signifies the link between heaven and earth, as well as between eternal life, which reflect and symbolize many elements of life. And pyramid energy is a mystery electromagnetic that may increase memory and cognitive abilities, as well as promote physical strength and vitality.

2. Rainbow Moonstone: Emotional Harmony, Focus on your feminine side, Relax your manly side, It aids in the regularization of your sleep pattern. It is beneficial for nosebleeds and other ailments. Hormonal and menstrual balance, cycles Inner growth and strength Provides emotional stability and tranquility Encourage inspiration, success, and good fortune in love and business.

3. Healing Crystal: The Orgonite Crystal Pyramid is constructed with healing crystal chips, copper wire, broken copper, and glue. The birthstone for February is amethyst crystal stone, which has strong energy and is also known as a protective stone. It may enhance the activity of brain cells, eliminate bad energy, and aid to purify the mind.

4. Handmade Desk Ornament: Because of the Meditation Orgonite Crystal Pyramid are all handcrafted using healing crystal chips and copper wire wrapped like a tree of life, so please allow for variations in color and shape. You may use this lovely Orgonite Crystal Pyramid as a decoration on your desk, workplace, coffee table, or bookshelf. At the same time, it may assist you in reducing carcinogens released by any electronic gadget because they damage the quality of our ideas, memory, attention, etc.

5. Energy Generator: The Orgonite Crystal Pyramid is a frequently used receiver that harvests cosmic energy for yoga, meditation, and spirituality, also known as an energy producer. When you meditate, you gather the power of the universe, which has a huge influence on cleansing, healing, purifying, and improving your own energy level, frequency, and positive energy aura.

6. Meditation Crystal: An excellent stone for meditation. The Orgonite Crystal Pyramid is a crystal thought to be great for meditation. This stone's vibrational frequencies might help you transcend into a deeper meditative state. This stone helps to bring loving and pleasant energy from the beyond into your body by stimulating the Crown chakra, promoting emotional well-being. This Orgonite Crystal Pyramid is excellent for increasing your imagination and vision when it comes to achieving your goals.

Get your Meditation Orgonite Crystal Pyramid today! 

Energy Generator Orgone Pyramid
Energy Generator Orgone Pyramid
Energy Generator Orgone Pyramid
Energy Generator Orgone Pyramid
Energy Generator Orgone Pyramid
Energy Generator Orgone Pyramid
Energy Generator Orgone Pyramid
Energy Generator Orgone Pyramid
Energy Generator Orgone Pyramid
Energy Generator Orgone Pyramid

➤ Material: Orgonite
➤ Color: White, Black
➤ Pattern: Geometric
➤ Style: Modern
➤ Width: 2.7 inches
➤ Height: 3.7 inches
➤ Length: 2.7 inches
➤ Application: Suitable for multiple places such as bedroom, living room, dining room, study room, craft room, corridor, wardrobe, hotel, office and so on

➤ Question: How is the resin for this obtained and made clear?
Answer: Resin is clear in general... If you see it in a color it's because dye was added.

➤ Question: Is it handmade?
Answer: Think so, I don't know how it could be made otherwise, too much detail inside to not be made by hand.

➤ Question: Is the resin in this product bad for the environment?
Answer: No, it's not bad

➤ Question: Is the outside casing of this pyramid plastic or glass?
Answer: I would like to inform you that our orgone devices are made up of 50% crystals/genuine gemstones, 20% earth metal and 30% natural tree sap resin.

➤ Question: Does it absorb emf or it repels emf ? how do you charge/recharge it's energy ?
Answer: Neither. These minerals aren’t conductive to electricity or affected by magnets, so it would only be inert to EMF entirely.
As to “charging,” the crystal. It would only get warm in direct sunlight. It would emit low levels of inferred from the heat absorbed by the sun for a short period of time which is EMF.
Not all forms of EMF are harmful as not all of them are ionizing.

➤ Question: What is the measurements of the pyramid?
Answer: Pyramid is 3 1/4" wide and 3 1/4" high. Its perfect size fits many places.

➤ Question: Can this be used with a salt lamp?
Answer: You can put this near the salt lamp and both together will work awesome. And it will give beauty to your room.

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